Wing Chun Skills gives you countless drills from the traditional Wing Chun training regimen and even some modern additions for the student that wants to develop themselves into a complete fighter.

By joining Wing Chun Skills you get access to a lecture series that discusses the theory of the Wing Chun System, the learning experience and tips for continuing your development as a martial artist. You'll also get 100+ hours of detailed drills and techniques to help you refine your Wing Chun technical skills.


Awesome Instructor! Very knowledgeable and down to earth. Highly recommend him to learn self defense and Wing Chun. Very good way to get fit and lose weight. He gives you a good workout also. I enjoyed his class and learned many new things to help me improve myself.

- Wesley L.

Expert Instruction

Our course offers instruction from Blake a highly experienced and certified Wing Chun expert. With over 12 years of training in Wing Chun under the notable Wing Chun Grandmaster Moy Sum Tung. He also a has solid foundation in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu having begun to intermix his Wing Chun skills with standing and grappling techniques.

Interactive Learning


Our online course is seriously interactive. As a student you will have access to live training sessions, video demonstrations, and personalized feedback from instructors. You will definitely benefit from being able to ask questions, receive guidance, and engage with other students in a supportive online community.

Flexibility and Convenience

It's so convenient learning Wing Chun from the comfort of your own home. Our course offers flexible scheduling, allowing you to learn at your own pace and fit the training sessions into your busy lifestyle. You'll be able to access the course materials anytime, anywhere, using any device with an internet connection.

Hi, I’m Blake

I've been training martial arts for over 12 years now! I began in Wing Chun under my Sifu Moy Sum Tung. My brothers and I are 4th generation Ip Man students! I've been passionate about Wing Chun ever since my very first lesson which was 4 hours long and left my legs wobbling! I'm especially passionate about developing YOU into a genuine fighter based on Wing Chun combat skills.